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what is LIVELUVO?

Hello. We are LIVELUVO, a digital market to discover, buy and sell. With LIVELUVO opening your online kiosk to start your side hustle, is easy and free. Discover treasures around you and find new skills to learn. Our community is a safe enviroment for you to make meaningful connections in your mtaa.

LIVELUVO means community, convenience and confidence. LIVELUVO means Kenya. It's where you find and create opportunities, showcase yourself, share ideas and earn.


What are the benefits of ?

  • Requirements? - just a smartphone and an idea.
  • Safety First - deal with real, verified people.
  • A Dynamic Market - see what the community is talking about.
  • Stay Informed - real time messaging and notifications.
  • Quality Matters - view customer ratings.
  • Instantly Share - post your offer (listing) across social platforms.

How does LIVELUVOwork?

  • Sign up with your mobile number (so everyone knows you’re real)
  • Browse unique offers from the LIVELUVO community.
  • Post an offer, chap chap, to showcase your product, service or skill.
  • Tailor your results based on your interests and location.
  • Immediately connect with real time messaging (in group discussions or private chats)
  • LIVELUVO believes in options. Pay with Shillings. Or barter trade. The choice is yours.

welcome to LIVELUVO!

So join free today, to showcase yourself, save time and money and boost your income.


    the power to empower

    We’ve built LIVELUVO around five core areas which together will put the power in your hands to think bigger, work smarter and play harder.

    Our plan has always been to create opportunities that make your daily life more efficient, your studies simpler, your health better and your bank balance even healthier! It’s a simple plan, but the best ones usually are.

    Our five core areas will be delivered over time. The more we all learn the better we all become. As the saying goes ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

  • be well

    Your health and wellbeing is something we care a great deal about at LIVELUVO. That’s why we are dedicated to connecting you with both healthcare professionals and friendly folk in your area who can provide the help and advice you need, when you need it the most. So whether you’re dealing with something serious, coping with stress, simply wish to swap pregnancy tales or take part in some yoga we’ll do everything we can to keep you fighting fit!

  • aspire to inspire

    A celebration of inspiration is our thinking behind Awe. Here you can share insightful stories, pictures and blogs with fellow LIVELUVO members, participate in competitions from big brands and win an award for being a local hero!

  • be free

    Life’s too short to be stuck indoors. Like you, we’d much rather be out exploring and discovering new opportunities. That’s why we’ll be adding a host of location-based services to LIVELUVO so that we both grow from strength to strength. One thing in particular we are really excited about is mapping the locations and services that really matter to YOU, from the seriously useful to the seriously fun. It’s time for less hide and more seek.

  • get ahead

    As a social enterprise we are passionate about individuals and communities thriving. Flourish will evolve to include personal mentoring, the ability to make payments and the possibity to obtain micro-loans for your business or studies. These together with a host of other services will enable your knowledge to grow and help you and your business activities to boom!

  • think big

    As the saying goes, knowledge is power. This is why we are doing our homework as we want to provide new ways to support students, both young and old. In the meantime you can use our marketplace FLOURISH to exchange educational knowledge. In the near future we’ll be setting up personal mentoring on both a local and international level.

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You can probably tell by now how passionate we are about LIVELUVO and the opportunities it will provide.


Because by coming together we all have the opportunity to CONNECT. LEARN. EARN.

So, how will you LIVELUVO?

With Love